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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Review: A Slaying in the Suburbs the Tara Grant Murder

A Slaying in the Suburbs: The Tara Grant Murder A Slaying in the Suburbs: The Tara Grant Murder by Steve Miller

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This book surprised me. I live in the Detroit area, so the Tara Grant murder was on every news broadcast and every instance of breaking news during the search for her body was about this case. Given that, I figured there would be little that I would "learn" from this book. I figured that it would end up being a re-hash of everything covered in the news. This book was so not a simple re-hash.

The book starts the night the cops searched the Grant home. The search that turned up the torso of Tara Grant, in the garage. After the discovery the story jumps into the past. These authors present Stephen and Tara's lives before they met. It sets up the kind of people they were and then talks about how they met, their dating and their lives as a married couple.

What I really liked about this book is that it didn't "take sides". Tara was not portrayed as a saint and Stephen was not portrayed as evil. It just told about their lives, and the problems they had. It gave facts, and the facts were that Stephen killed his wife, who at times seemed to be a bit of a domineering wife. After reading this my views on the case have not changed, if anything I'm more set in my belief that Stephen Grant killed his wife and was in a panic to try and cover it up.

While this isn't a who done it kind of book I would have to recommend it to anyone that likes murder mysteries. To have this much insight into the mind of a murderer is quite a shocking thing. And even if you think you know all about this murder, I would still say read it. There are things that this book uncovers that I don't remember the media even touching.

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