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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Review: The Gnostic Mystery

I won this book from a giveaway at GoodReads. I want to thank both Goodreads and Randy Davila for this book. I thought it was really good.

I've been reading a lot of religious books lately and my reviews are simply my opinions. I'm not trying to change anyone's beliefs and I truly believe that what ever religious beliefs you hold are just as valid as anyone else's. Given that, I do think that this book could possibly offend some people. There are lots of statements that go against popular Christian beliefs. If you don't have a problem with that then read it, but if you think that would be a problem for you I wouldn't recomend this one.

The Gnostic Mystery The Gnostic Mystery by Randy Davila

My review

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This book was truly enlightening. I enjoyed it from the very beginning.

Having not been raised in any specific religion I'm a little lost when it comes to some of the stories and characters in The Bible. I do know the basics and the older I get, and the more I read, I'm beginning to piece together a fuller understanding of The Bible.

I had never heard of the Gnostics before reading this book. So I was coming to this one with a complete open mind. I think that is part of why I enjoyed this so much. The revelations made about Gnostic beliefs and current Christian beliefs seemed plausible to me. But, again I have a limited knowledge of The Bible, and an even more limited relationship with it.

This was not an action filled book. The things that the characters did was kind of a sub story, at least in my opinion. The main story was really a historical account of the Gnostics. There is a plot and there are things that happen that move the story along.

I think this was very well written and I didn't get the feeling that it was trying to discredit modern Christian beliefs. I think the book takes the stance of: Here's some things that happened in The Bible and here's what people believe about them. One more than one occasion it is mentioned that just because it is believed that some don't count The Bible as an accurate historical account does it make Jesus' teachings any less valuable? I would say that it doesn't, but that's just my opinion.

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