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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Review: When That Day Comes by Louise Alberto McAtee

I want to thank Louise Alberto McAtee for allowing me to review her book and to Bostick Communications for connecting me with Mrs. McAtee.

My Review:
This short story is about love, life, and death. Rosa, while looking at a picture of her father, begins to reminisce about her life. She shares stories of her childhood and her adult life, all linked to her father. As Rosa remembers her life we see the strong bond that existed between Rosa and her father. Throughout the story we jump to present day and realize that Rosa is getting ready for something, but we're never really told what that something is. The reader is left to make assumptions as to what is going on, but we do know that it circles around the title of "When That Day Comes". What day, it is hard to tell, but it is definitely the end of a part of Rosa's life.

I really liked the premise of this book. It was great to read about how Rosa remembered her life. The story was heart-felt and warming. As Rosa remembers her life we get to see the love that her parents shared, as well as the love Rosa had for her family. Through everything Rosa remembers her father seems to play a big role. It is quite obvious that Rosa and her father share a bond that neither of them have for anyone else.

There were a few problems I had with the book. The point of view seemed to jump from third to first person, and back again without rhyme or reason. Second, some of the memories seemed to be out of place. They weren't really tied to anything else. But on the whole it was a good story, and at the very least it makes you thankful for the memories you have and the people that are, and have been, part of your life.

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