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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guest Blog: Author Robert Wacaster

I'm happy to announce another guest blog from author Robert Wacaster. Today Robert is blogging about his writing process. So here's Robert:

I thought I’d push one more guest blog on Jennifer. I saw that she wants to know what authors think about while they’re writing. I think about the story. It usually flows through me, and I can see the characters in my head, like a movie. Just a second…I need to see if I’ve sold more books. Nope, haven’t sold any more yet. Anyway, as I was saying, when I write, it’s like I’m just writing what I see in my head. The story just sort of runs itself. I just kind of…Ok, I need to check on book sales again…nope, still haven’t…oh wait, one was sold on the Kindle.

Did that last paragraph seem funny? That’s what authors think about sometimes. “How many books have I sold?” Sometimes we get more worried about that than we should be. It’s the craft we should be worrying about, not the sales! I finally quit EXPECTING people to buy, read, and review my books, and SENT books out to people so they could read and review them! I keep telling myself not to worry about the sales! I’m a working Joe and don’t have to depend on what I write to get by! But still…

Ok, back to what I think about when I write. I met a new friend online who has quite a bit more experience than I do. She’s put out more books than I have, and is much better than I am at editing. And now she’s offered to edit a new one I’m writing. Wow, someone good at editing. Now though, as I write I wonder to myself if what I’m writing is going to look good to her? Am I using the right expressions? Do the characters “smile” too much? (Yes, she’s pointed that out to me from one of my other books. ) I wonder if she’ll like the direction the story is taking? Now that people are paying for what I write, things are becoming more complicated.

But in reality, is writing becoming more complicated for me? The answer is no. I still sit at a keyboard and type what goes through my head. I sit here and type this up for Jennifer and act like I’ll be nervous writing, but I really won’t be. I’ll still type the story I want to tell, and my new editor will make the small changes she feels are necessary. It’ll still be my story, and will still come out the way I write it. So I guess I’m wondering the same thing Jennifer is: What am I thinking about while I write? Well, hopefully the same thing people think about when they read: The Story.

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Thank you Robert for another entertaining post. And just so everyone knows he didn't "push" another blog on me. I offered my blog to him for posts whenever he wants! I hope you've sold some more books. I just started Frigate: November so hopefully I'll have a review here real soon!

I think it's great that you've found a friend who has the editing experience to help you with your writing. I've never wrote a book, but I would think that if I had someone who's been in the trenches to help me out it would be a good thing! Again thank you Robert I look forward to hearing from you in the future!

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Belle said...

Robert, great blog! Editors - bah! Never write for an editor. Write for the story, the characters, for your heart. Editors are there to polish the diamond that is your work.

If an editor is volunteering his/her time on your work, it's because they see the diamond in there, not just a load of #@%^

Good luck on your next book! (Oh, wait...let me check my sales.)