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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guest Blog Post: Author Caroline Shearer

This week's guest blog is from author Caroline Shearer. She's the author of Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date the first in the Adventures of a Lightworker series. Caroline is sharing a little bit about her book, to whet your appetite. Next week she'll be answering questions from my readers.

Hello, Readers! It is a pleasure to be a guest blogger here! Thank you for welcoming me! :)
What I’d like to do this week is introduce you to my book and to the spiritual ideas that weave the background for the series. Then, YOU can write in questions, and I’ll choose a few to answer next week! Sounds FUN!

First of all, “Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date” is a mystery, as will be each of the books in the Adventures of a Lightworker series. In “Dead End Date,” Faith's blind date is found dead, and Faith feels drawn to solve the crime, using her spiritual and earthly gifts to uncover the way. Faith also discovers she hasn’t been fulfilling her purpose as a lightworker and is given one year to impact the world - or be pulled from Earth! So – we have these two elements to play with for questions! :)

In many ways, Faith is an everyday woman. She has too much going on in her head, she often has a negative outlook, she’s a mess when it comes to romantic love, she relies on her girlfriends, she’s discontented with her job, she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s frisky, she’s open to a better way of being. But, she also has another dimension: she talks to angels, spirit guides, and spirits. She's an empath. She's a healer. She receives messages in her dreams. She is intuitive. She raises her vibrations through meditation, chakra cleaning, and yoga. She struggles with how much of her “real self” she should show the world.

Many people would describe her abilities as “paranormal.” I describe them as “normal.” When asked, “Are you Faith?” my short answer is, “No, I haven’t had a blind date end up dead. Yet.” ;)

Ok – that’s enough of a teaser! Now, y’all get to do some work! What do you want to know about spirituality? About connecting with your higher self or your angels? Curious about how to raise your vibrations? Or about writing mystery novels? And how do I know all this stuff, anyway? YOU ask the questions, and I will pick a few to answer in next week’s post. Many blessings to you all! ~ Caroline A. Shearer

This sounds like a interesting series. I think I would be able to connect with it, as Faith sounds a little like me.... It also sounds like a very thought provoking series.

So now we ask you to participate. Please send questions for Caroline to answer so that we have something to read next week :-) You can either post your questions in the comment box below, or if you want your question to be a surprise for the other readers feel free to email me your questions at justjenniferreading@gmail.com.

Thank you again for reading! I look forward to seeing what questions you have.

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Anonymous said...

How would you do research for a paranormal novel? Do you have any paranormal experience to draw from?

desitheblonde said...

hello well the book sound great and would ike to now wer you get the
stuff for your books