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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guest Blogger: Author Phyllis Glisson

Today we are being joined by author Phyllis Glisson. She is talking to us about her first book Her Sanctuary. So let me hand it off to Phyllis...

When Jennifer asked me if I wanted to be a guest blogger I immediately said yes. Wait, what’s a guest blogger? Well, if you self publish as I did, you say yes to just about anything; short of wearing a big fuzzy bunny suit and standing by the roadside with a sign that reads, “BUY MY BOOK!” Note to self: cancel the bunny suit.

But seriously, I am so new on the publishing scene that I had to ask just what it was I should “blog” about. Jennifer assured me I could blog about anything I wanted. If she knew me better, she wouldn’t have told me that. I tend to ramble, but I’m going to restrain myself from doing that here.

As I said before, I am a self published author. As a matter of fact, it’s not only my first published novel, it’s my first written novel. That’s right, I’ve never written anything before but a short story or a poem here and there. I have always had a knack for storytelling. I’ve got a vivid imagination. Combine that with the rambling thing and voila! Writer.

But enough about me:

Her Sanctuary is an adult romance/mystery with just a smidgen of the supernatural. It’s the story of a woman, Shannon Mallory, who has escaped from an abusive, loveless marriage, buys an RV and takes off on a journey of self-discovery. When she stops off at “The Last Resort Café’” outside the town of Sanctuary, she meets Seth Proudfoot, a half Native American with electric blue eyes and a scar on his face to match the one on his heart. He’s an outcast; not accepted by the whites because of his Native American half; not accepted by the Native Americans on the Reservation because of his white half. To make matters worse, both the whites and the Native Americans think he’s guilty of killing his wife and child, but because he suffered a head injury on that fateful day, he walks around condemning himself for a crime he can’t even remember committing!
When Shannon locks eyes with Seth, there’s an instant attraction, so much so that you can practically feel the electric sparks!

I know, it sounds like just about every other romance novel you’ve ever drooled over, but wait. That is about where the similarities end. Unlike most romance novels where they hate each other at the beginning but there’s an obvious undercurrent of sexual tension and you have to wait until the very last pages of the story for them to proclaim their love; Shannon and Seth proclaim their love almost immediately which would lead you to think the story is pretty much over. But actually the story is just beginning. I have to be really careful here or I’m going to give away some of the surprises. Let’s just say their love is tested….many times. There is danger, betrayal, and a plot twist that will leave you breathless with anticipation. Oh, and let’s not forget, lots of steamy, make your toes curl, love scenes.

It’s available on amazon.com where you can take a “look inside the book” to see a preview. There are also reviews posted, most of them 5 stars! You can also find it on Barnes&Noble.com, Booksamillion.com and other bookstore websites across the globe. The book has been shipped to exotic lands like New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It’s also available in ebook form, Kindle and Nook.

So get out your bon-bons and pour yourself a tall glass of wine, snuggle up in your favorite chair and escape to Her Sanctuary.

Thank you Jennifer for giving me the opportunity to guest blog and tell people about my book (my baby).

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Thank you Phyllis, I am really looking forward to reading this one. I've really been on a romance book kick lately....

I think it's great that your book has been shipped around the world. That is really too cool. I hope it keeps going around and around!!

Thank you again for sharing with us today. Your rambling wasn't bad at all, but I could see how that would lend itself greatly to writing a book!

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