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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

I bought this at a book sale in the lobby of my therapist's office.

About the Book

The World's Bestselling Mystery

"Ten . . ."
Ten strangers are lured to an isolated island mansion off the Devon coast by a mysterious "U. N. Owen."

"Nine . . ."
At dinner a recorded message accuses each of them in turn of having a guilty secret, and by the end of the night one of the guests is dead.

"Eight . . ."
Stranded by a violent storm, and haunted by a nursery rhyme counting down one by one . . . as one by one . . . they begin to die.

"Seven . . ."
Which among them is the killer and will any of them survive?

For more information about And Then There Were None visit Harper Collins.

My Review

This was the first Agatha Christie novel that I have read. I was very impressed and wished I'd actually taken the time to read her in the past.

And Then There Were None was a really good whodunit mystery. The ending kind of amazed me. The murder wasn't who I expected it to be, and the explanation of how they pulled off all the murders was pretty clever. I liked the premise, that all the people on the island were made to be suspect. Through their guilt of things they had done in their past they all had the ability to pull off the murders.

The writing was really good. It was very fast-paced but it didn't move so fast that I was lost in what was going on. The murders happened in a way that as soon as I "recovered" from one another one had happened. That was the greatest part of this book, that it kept the suspense going and didn't really have any down time.

I am very glad that I decided to pick up this one. I really enjoyed it and will be getting my hands on more Agatha Christie soon!

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