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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review: The Company by Chuck Graham

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About the Book

A meteor explodes into the planet. Massive earthquakes rock the land as giant tsunamis engulf the coasts. Sleeping volcanoes violently erupt, filling the sky with clouds of suffocating ash, and soon, the world is shrouded in darkness. Last Day has come, bringing death, destruction, and despair. Yet hidden in a mountain valley, the Brigons manage to survive, but with no power and little food or water, their hope is fading into the eternal night. Then a voice calls out in the darkness and offers to bring them light.

This is the story of Sam Mitchell, an engineer with one of the power managers in Brigos Glen. Seventy years have passed since light was restored to the village. Few remember the time before Last Day or the strangers who helped them in their time of need. But Sam has heard the stories and, with the guidance of his friend, seeks to help others as he goes about his seemingly unimportant, routine existence. That is, until he receives an ominous order from beyond the mountains that will change his life forever.

For centuries mankind has sought God...not simply to find Him, but to understand Him. This quest has left many struggling in a maze of contradictions - one God but a Father, one God but a Son, one God but a Spirit - leading them to the ultimate question: Who is the Trinity? The answer is revealed in The Company by Chuck Graham, a clever allegory, carefully woven with surprising revelation of who God is, who we are before Him, and our calling to love and encourage each other.

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My Review

The tagline for this book really explains the book to a T "A Parable For Our Times". There were many times throughout reading this that I could relate what the people of Brigos Glen were going through to things that are happening in our world right now. I've known people that are just like the different characters in the book. Everything about this book is rooted to our current day issues.

The story was a pretty good one. It really made me think. There were quite a few Biblical references, and given my new and limited knowledge of the Bible many of them I didn't pick up on. But there is a listing of references in the back of the book, and after reviewing that I understand the references now. I really liked the appendix as had I not had that I likely would have missed their implications. I don't feel that I missed anything from the story not having reviewed them till the end. But after going back and rereading those sections it did give the story a new dimension for me.

I love the way the author uses this story to explain the Trinity. I think that is one part of Christianity that is difficult to grasp for many people. How can one being be three beings? But the way the story unfolds you really do get a sense of how each of these beings operate, and the ultimate connection to how they are all one in the same was a "light bulb" moment for me. This book puts such a complex ideal into a story that makes it so much easier to understand.

I really liked the characters. Sam could have been anyone. I think everyone knows a guy like Sam. He was just kind of "going through the motions". He was compassionate and helpful, but for the most part he just lived his life and did what he had to do to support his family. He was just a regular guy. His friendship with Ellington was an integral part of the story and while Ellington wasn't a greatly developed character I got enough of a sense of who he was that I understood his importance to Sam's journey. The rest of the characters were pretty good, they didn't have huge parts in the story, but the parts they did play were very important. Each one was in the story for a specific purpose and as their purposes were revealed the whole story started to really come together.

The connections to our lives today were easy for me to spot, which made the story that much more understandable. The Brigons are basically grouped into three different kinds of people. To me this was a relation to people's religious beliefs. Without giving too much away there are those that are strict, those that are always looking for something new, and those that are looking to find something better. I've encountered all three of these kinds of people.

The biggest thing with this book for me was how easily I was able to relate to it. The Trinity is something that I admittedly have little knowledge about, and yet I was able to understand it easily. I love that Graham was able to take such an abstract concept and make it a much more concrete concept.

A great book that really brings our current way of life into perspective.

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