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Monday, June 15, 2009

Father's Day Blog Tour Review 1: Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart by Chuck Black

This blog tour includes three books. I'm going to post each review separately and on a different day. It seems when I make multiple posts in the same day they seem to get lost in the Bloggosphere...

Let me thank Liz at Random House for letting me participate in this blog tour.

My Review:

I'm not really into tales of knights and such, but I ended up liking this one anyway :-)

The story is about Sir Dalton who is a Knight of the Prince. The story deals with the basic struggles of good and evil. The Knights of the Prince fight in honor of the King and his son the Prince. Lord Drox is a fallen knight, who now fights against the Knights of the Prince and tries to gain allegiance from Knights of the Prince who falter in their loyalty.

The story is fast paced, and it is also a quick read. The writing is decent, and the inner turmoil that faces Sir Dalton is easy to relate with. At the beginning I feared that the message of the story may get lost, but it doesn't it's there in everything Sir Dalton goes through. I would say that the story does a good job of keeping the reader attached to what is going on and even though I'm not a fan of Knights I was inclined to keep reading.

Overall it was decent. I wasn't enthralled by it, but it kept me interested and I felt connected to Sir Dalton. Good YA read, and teaches a valuable lesson.

To get more information on Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart or to buy a copy please visit the Random House website.

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