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Friday, June 19, 2009

Review: Between Us Baxters by Bethany Hegedus

Thank you to Melyssa M. over at Book Divas for letting me read another great one!

My Review:

This story is not only about the friendship of a young white girl and young black girl growing up in the south in 1959, but it's about family (not just by blood) and deals with the injustice that is racism. As Penny realizes that the friendship with her best friend Timbre Ann may be ending she also has to deal with the issues of her family, which her parents had tried to always hide from her in the past. She also has to come to some harsh social realizations.

This book was so touching. I felt everything Penny was going through. While I'm not naive enough to believe that racism doesn't exist anymore, I'm glad our country has made the progress that it has. I can't even begin to imagine what living in the south as an African American must have been like when this book took place. I think that Bethany Hegedus did a great job with this story, keeping it accurate from a 12-year-old's point of view. This story is touching, heartfelt, compassionate and emotional.

To find out more about Between Us Baxters, or to pick up a copy for yourself please visit WestSide Books.


Bethany Hegedus said...

So glad to hear you liked the book, Jennifer, and perhaps you chanelled the original idea for the MC's name. I had a fondness for Penny from the Rescuers books as a kid but went with Polly instead!

Thank you for helping spread the word about Between us Baxters.

Kelly said...

Great review! I'm just now getting around to visiting the blogs of everyone who stopped by mine last month during my giveaways. And have I found some great ones! Your blog is terrific and I'm sure I'll stop back by again soon!

Cathy said...

Nice review!

I just nominated you for the Humane Award - stop on by to pick it up.