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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Review: Your Name Here by Michael Rosenbaum

I have to thank the author Michael Rosenbaum for sending me a review copy of this one,

About the book

Cops and psychologists, bureaucrats and salesmen, lion tamers and morticians…everybody’s got a story to tell and a life lesson we can take to heart. In the Your Name Here Guide to Life, you’ll meet all kinds of accidental teachers, from balloon boy to Mother Theresa and Mr. Totally Secure.

It’s all here, along with a few insights about how to be truly happy.

This is the book you’d write about your life and your wisdom, if we hadn’t done all the work for you. Author Michael Rosenbaum has been recording the insights of everyday people for decades, capturing our essential truths and documenting our follies. This collection of life lessons delivers an instructive and humorous tour of the human condition.

Warning: Intended solely for people with open minds and common sense. Contains no preaching, lecturing, threats or magic formulas. Do not read this book while operating heavy machinery or performing brain surgery.

My Review

This was a very interesting book. Just as the title suggests had I had the time I very well could have written this one. The book is full of some very common sense information that we all (me included) forget sometimes.

The book is broken up into very small chapters. That makes it great to read if you're short on time. You don't have to invest much time to get through a section, and as each sections isn't really tied to another section you don't have to "get back into the book" to keep up with it.

What I liked the most about the book is that it was pretty humorous. Each section has a witty title and each is ended with a quote or saying that relates to the section. I also liked that the author shows us, on many occasions, how he himself had fallen victim to some of the situations he describes.

This one was very easy to read, it was entertaining, and it kind of made me think "yeah, that's me..."

To find out more about Your Name Here, or to find out where to purchase a copy, please visit Barosum Books' website.

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