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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Review: A Writer's Engagement by Robert Wacaster

Thank you to Robert for sending me his book to review.

About the Book

Robert and Katie have met and fallen in love. But that may have been the easy part. After promising to propose and marry her, Robert convinces Katie and her sister Jill to drive to Florida so he can meet Katie's parents. Her disapproving father, a retired New York Police Officer, may not even approve of their relationship, let alone a marriage. And along the way, Jill may have possibly met the man of her dreams. But she may be too shy to even talk to him. With some marriage counseling and family interference, can Robert and Katie actually survive A Writer's Engagement?

My Review

I really like Robert Wacaster's books. He does a great job with making the characters believable. I also like that in each of the books of his that I've read he's made himself a main character.

In this one Katie and Robert have now fallen in love (in A Writer's Love Story). This book picks right up where the last one left off. I really liked that. Sometimes I've found with series that some time passes between the stories, which makes me feel like I've missed out on something in the story. So I like that there's not a "break" in the stories.

I still liked the characters. Katie was still a drama queen, but now that I've read through two books with her she's kind of grown on me. Jill was still a great character. She does have some moments in this one where she's not the level-headed Jill from the first book, but I think that just makes her more human. And Robert is still Robert in this book. He's sarcastic, thoughtful, and in love. We also get to meet Jill and Katie's parents in this one. I loved Jim, their father. If my own father wasn't the greatest dad ever I'd have to pick Jim to be my father.

The story was a bit slower than the other two Wacaster books I've read, but it wasn't a detriment to the story at all. I think the things that were going on in this story needed the "time" to develop. If the story had been fast I think I would have felt like I was missing something.

I have to say that Robert Wacaster has become one of my favorite authors and I look forward to reading more of his books soon!

A Writer's Engagement

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