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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love our mail lady :-)

I got TWO books in the mail today :-)

First one: The Smart one and the Pretty one by Claire LaZebnik. I read her book Knitting Under the Influence and loved they was she develops her characters, plus they are nice chick lit and I always love to throw some of that in there. Another PaperbackSawp.com beauty.

Second one: GateKEEPERS by Sheldon Robert Stone and Rudolf B. Schmerl. I got this one from a LibraryThing giveaway. (I LOVE FREE BOOKS) So I need to get this one going so I can get a review posted soon.

I'm waiting on a bunch of books to come soon (hopefully). I'll make a nice list of them later. I'm also going to add a list of all the books I have at home right now that I want to read!!!

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♔ jessica.marie said...

The Smart One and the Pretty One looks pretty good, I look forward to a review.

Oh and do you have a review for the knitting one? I think it would be a good read since I just learned how to knit.