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Monday, January 4, 2010

Review: Shooting an Albatross by Steven R. Lundin

Thank you to Penny Sansevieri at Author Marketing Experts for sending me this to review. BTW I won this review copy on LibraryThing in the Member Giveaways!

About the Book
Shooting an Albatross, is set during the only year in history the PGA canceled the entire season of professional golf and, strange but true, the same year a unit of the US Army occupied the El Rancho Golf Course in Los Angeles. The formal publication date is July 26th, the same day in 1943 that the Army actually occupied the El Rancho Golf Course in LA.

My Review

This book was a weird one for me. I liked the plot, and the characters, but something didn't mesh right for me. I did like the book, but there was just something a little off about it, at least for me.

The story, on it's surface is about a golf game. The true heart of the story is a touching romance. All the characters were believable and I had great images in my head of them as I read. I could see the things that were going on and I could relate to the stirring romance as it blossomed. However there was a disconnect for me that I just couldn't quite pinpoint.

I didn't get really attached to the story, even though I was able to create the "world of the book" in my mind. Even a few weeks after I've finished this one I'm not quite able to pinpoint exactly where the disconnect is. The opening of the book is intriguing, the characters were believable, the details were done well, and the writing style was easy to read. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mindset to read this one when I did.

I think it has all the elements of a really great story, and that it was executed very well, which is why I question why I didn't get into it more. I would recommend this to anyone who likes romantic stories (not necessarily romance novels...) I think in the future I will have to read this one again, at a time when I think my mindset is right.

To learn more about Shooting an Albatross please visit the book's website.

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