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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guest Blog Post: Author Jaree Francis

Today is a special gust blog post. Author Jaree Francis is doing a post in honor of his mother who's birthday happens to be today! I'm glad to share this special day with him and his mother.

I am truly honored to be a guest blogger on this wonderful site. First off, let me introduce myself. I am Jaree Francis, author of Metra City: Destiny’s Kiss. It’s a fresh, urban fiction novel. Don’t turn your nose up at me because I said urban fiction. Thank you! With that said, I’ll be moving right along. Now some say there are no coincidences. Hmmm….maybe so, maybe no. But it wasn’t much of a coincidence that the day available for me to blog happens to be my mother’s birthday =) Yes, ladies & gentlemen, April 13th is my mother’s birthday. So I said to myself: I need to dedicate a blog to my mother. She undoubtedly deserves such treatment.

I can only imagine that being a mother is no easy task, yet they always find a way. Mothers know best, right? That’s more than just a catchy phrase, it holds weight in the modern world as it has throughout civilization. They can mold the future generations into works of art through their dedication to motherhood. And their work’s never done, continuing beyond those that society deems as adults.

To say my mother was and still is a motivator would be telling the truth. She inspires me because of her resilient moral fabric, facilitative skills, and ability to dream through it all. When I say dream through it all, I mean she always believes that there could be something special right around the corner. No matter the dream that I mention to her, she believes that it can be possible. That positivity I have incorporated into my own circle and it has benefited me tremendously. In a world where there is so much chaos & despair, it’s okay to dream. To know that things can be different and that we can be the source of change is a blessing.

Whenever I talk to my mom, she is always willing to give advice as well as just listen to my words. This is what friends do. So she’s a mother as well as a friend and not to mention a counselor, if you will. To see the world changing before your very eyes at such an alarming rate, you want some stability. And who have you been relying on such for so long? Mother, no doubt.

Feed you. Clothe you. Pray for you. Dream your dreams for you. Motivate you. Care for you. Sacrifice for you. These are things mothers do from New York to New Delhi. If your mother is alive, I want you to give her a call or shoot her an e-mail. Tell her thanks for all that she’s done and may still be doing ;) And if you’re reading this and you’re a mother, pat yourself on the back. And on the slightly more somber side of things, if your mother passed, just know that energy never dies. Her love remains. We are what we are. What we are are souls. These bodies are just shells that house us for the time being. So don’t cry; she will always be with you in spirit. That is the beauty within the circle of love. It’s constant rotation.

So in closing, I want to thank you for checking out my guest blog. It’s most appreciated and I wish you all peace & many blessings. And to my mother, Happy Birthday!!!

- Jay

Jay thank you for your post. Again I am so happy to have shared part of this day with you and your mother. And mothers are a great blessing. I know I've been bless with two great mothers and believe me I know how lucky I am for that. Not that my father isn't as great as a blessing but there's a special bond between mother and child. I wish your mother a Happy Birthday and hope that it was filled with great things!

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Anonymous said...

To my son, Jaree Francis, thank you so very much for such beautiful and kind words.

Nothing has ever been in vain
on behalf of you.

I love seeing you spread your wings and always remember to fly.