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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review: Street Boners by Gavin McInnes

Thanks to Anna at Hachette for sending me a review copy.

About the Book

Fifteen years after founding Vice, Gavin McInnes has poured his creative juices into a new endeavor: StreetCarnage.com. Growing in size and influence at an alarming rate, the site's main feature is the new and improved version of Gavin's "DOs and DON'Ts," now tantalizingly called Street Boners.

These Boners have been polished and compounded into a book that takes the best of the site and adds hundreds more gems! With 1,312 photos, hilarious captions, and a harsh new rating system-from one to 10 kitten faces-STREET BONERS makes sure no glorious fashion statement goes unnoticed. Innocent citizens are either damned to hell or relentlessly exalted into heaven. Chloe Sevigny, Debbie Harry, Fred Armisen, and Tim & Eric also contribute their scathing wit to the book, and the end result is a New York fashion bible no bathroom should be without.

For more information about Street Boners please visit Hachette's website.

My Review

This was very entertaining. My favorite part of gossip magazines is the fashion sections where we get to see the starts hits and misses. What could be better than a whole book about fashion hits and misses? Not much in my opinion.

There were a few pictures that were just gross, but for the most part it was pretty tasteful. And if you're familiar with Vice Magazine, you're probably expecting that anyway.

There were so many pictures in here that I had to dogear to show other people because I just had to validate that I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. I think some of these pictures can only be explained because the people wearing the outfits don't own mirrors... Some of them were just hilarious, like they tried really hard but just missed one very important part.

Not to say that I'm the best dressed person around (believe me I'm far from it), but if I ever decide to leave the house in some of these outfits, just lock me up.

While the outfits were entertaining enough they added comments to make it that much better. I laughed out loud quite a few times with this one. It was a perfectly executed picture book. Although some of the Do's took me a minute to figure out what they did right, as at first look they appeared to be Don'ts but once I figured out their rational behind the ratings things just started to fall into place.

Very entertaining! It was also a great one to share with others to get their reactions to some of the Don'ts. I think a fun night could be had by all just passing around this book. And if you have a friend that's a don't I think this book may help with the fashion intervention.

Street Boners: 1,764 Hipster Fashion Jokes

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Suzanne said...

Good review! I've heard of this book, but had no idea what it was all about! Now it all makes sense! :-) Hmmm, I wonder if one should buy this book if they've ever spent time in NYC to see if they're in it?!

Thanks for sharing!