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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Review: Adventures of a Light Worker: Dead End Date by Caroline Shearer

Thank you to the author Caroline for allowing me to review her book!

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For being about a difficult subject, a murder, this really was a "light" book. The mood wasn't too heavy and it had some parts that really made me laugh. There were a few tense scenes, but it didn't ruin the mood that I got from this one.

I really liked Faith. She was such a great character because she was real. I could see myself having her thoughts, her ideas (well some of her ideas... LOL). She was just a normal person. I think the problem with characters who have the kind of abilities that Faith has is that they come across as being wacky or kooky.... And I've known a few people like Faith, and none of them are kooky (wacky sometimes yes...). So this was a very real representation. I liked that a lot.

The writing was very good. Like I said earlier it had a very light feeling to the book. There was humor, but it wasn't poking fun at anything. I was able to connect with the main characters. This made it very easy for me to get drawn into the story. I wanted what they wanted, and could understand what they were going through.

The book really focuses on Faith's spiritual journey. She's a lightworker, which means she needs to connect to her spiritual side before it's too late for her. Her finding of herself goes through some ups and downs, but really it's her ability to connect to people in special ways that makes the story what it is.

Since this is the start of a series I'm really looking forward to what Faith gets herself into next.

Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date

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