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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Review: The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers

I have to thank Dorchester Publishing for letting me read this one, and Shelf Awareness for bringing this title to my attention.

My Review

This was a pretty good book. I've recently gotten into PR & UF books and I'm finding that I'm liking them.

The story is about Lizzie Brown, who recently found out she was a demon slayer. Lizzie has to travel to Vegas to stop a succubus with plans to unleash Armageddon on earth. Along to help her is a coven of biker witches, her griffin boyfriend, and her dog - Pirate. She meets many people, and creatures, while in Vegas that help her in her mission.

I really liked the writing in this one. The author is able to write conversations in a relevant way. The characters speech is very understandable. The things they talk about are current. The slang that is used isn't too out there.

The details aren't overdone. Fox gives us enough detail to paint a setting without giving so much detail that it takes away from the story.

This is the second in a series and after reading it I wished I'd started with the first. I think there was probably some insight that someone who's read the first book would have that I didn't. Although not having read the first one I don't think I really missed that much.

I will definitely be picking up the first one in this series, as well as keeping an eye out for more my Angie Fox.

For more information on The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, or to purchase a copy please visit Dorchester Publishing.

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