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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review: The Kwame Sutra by M.L. Elrick and Jim Schaefer

I bought this one after hearing about it a few months ago on the news.

About the book:

“The Kwame Sutra,” is “a one-stop shop for all of Kwame’s best BS,” says top-rated morning radio show host Drew Lane. This new book from Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters M.L. Elrick and Jim Schaefer captures Kwame Kilpatrick as no one ever has. In his own words, including never-before-published quotations, the former mayor of Detroit reveals himself in many ways: Liar, Lothario and, yes, leader.

Through public pronouncements, candid asides, unscripted outbursts and secret text messages, “The Kwame Sutra” provides a 3-D portrait of Detroit’s youngest elected mayor, from his stunning rise to power to the self-induced, cataclysmic crash that landed him in the Wayne County Jail. It’s all here, in graphic detail, in the man’s own words, in one handsome volume.

My Review:

I live in the Detroit Metropolitan area, so Kwame is still ALL OVER THE NEWS! He can't go a week without being involved in some kind of story, it's kind of crazy but it has left us with some interesting quotes.

This book was written by two reporters in Detroit. They have gone through interviews in both TV and newspaper media to find the greatest quotes from the now infamous Kwame Kilpatrick. Some of the quotes make you think "What was he thinking?" and others make you think "Did he really say that?"

I know everyone makes mistakes, I am far from perfect. But it's not as interesting to read what I say as it is to read quotes from someone who is mildly famous now. It was entertaining, but I probably wouldn't read it again. I'm kind of sick of hearing about Kwame and wish that the news would find something new to talk about.

To learn more about The Kwama Sutra please visit kwamesutra.com

The Kwame Sutra: Musings on lust, life and leadership, from Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick


JVLIVS said...

I plan to buy both this book and the red book of Quotations from Coleman Young.

It's really sad that someone who showed more promise and had more potential than those before him had let his words and his (concealed) head get the best of him.

A monumental waste of talent indeed!

Just Jennifer Reading said...

It is sad. I think he really went into office with good intentions. But power can corrupt the best of us... I'll have to get that Coleman Young book. I haven't heard of it. Thank you for the recommendation!