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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I have a new book on its way!!!!

Today I was checking my Paperbackswap.com account (cause I'm anal and I have to check my position in my wish list ALL THE TIME!!!) But anyway, I've been wanting this book called A Slaying in the Suburbs

It's about the Tara Grant murder. Being that I live in Metro Detroit her murder and the trial were all over the news here. I couldn't help but be drawn into what was going on. So today I go to check my wishlist and I have a message that I have a book waiting for me to approve. Now what really surprised me is that I was 5th on the list the day before so I wasn't expecting it, especially since I've been on the waiting list for almost a month and don't think I moved but one spot.

I also am getting Which was actually a giveaway book on goodreads that I didn't win, so I am going to get it from Paperbackswap.com.

I know I keep mentioning these two sites, and it's because I'm addicted to them both. I love Goodreads because I can keep track of what I've read and also see what my friends are reading. I love Paperbackswap.com because I can get books and keep them for as long as I want (unlike the library) and I only have to pay to ship books to other people, which is much cheaper than buying books new (which is a problem since I'm always broke).

If you want to try goodreads add me as a friend. Here's a link to my profile

Also if you have books that you don't want anymore and would like to get new books for them I would recomend Paperbackswap.com. If you join please list me as the person that refered you. Swap Your Used Books - PaperBackSwap.com

I just wanted to share. I should be done with The Notebook before this weekend. So I'll have a review for that posted soon!!

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