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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A new blog just for books

I've been doing my other blog (not often) since November, and I've been wanting to start getting some ARC books, so I decided that in addition to my other blog (www.justjennifertalking.blogspot.com) I'd start one solely for the books I've been reading.

My current reviews are all on www.goodreads.com my user name there is Jennmarie68. I have some reviews posted at Amazon.com and all my reviews are also on paperbackswap.com I'm Jennmarie68 there also.

So for right now I jsut wanted to get this thing set up and I'll probably pull some of my better book reviews and post them here later today. But in the mean time I'm off to find some ARC's.

Wsish me luck!!!

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♔ jessica.marie said...

I found you from goodbooksinc's followers
(I know them in real life lol)


I thought I would follow you since our blogs are kind of the same I have:


anywho, I look forward to reading your reviews!!!!