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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guest Blog Post: Author Caroline Shearer

Today is a follow-up guest post from author Caroline Shearer. Last week we asked you to pass along some questions for her to answer. So this week Caroline has given us her answers.

Caroline A. Shearer, author of “Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date” answers YOUR questions!!

Q: How would you do research for a paranormal novel? Do you have any paranormal experience to draw from?

Caroline Shearer: First, I’d like to take a little bit of issue with the word “paranormal” – even though I use it myself. I use it because people understand the term, but saying something is “para” implies it is beyond the realm of normal, when actually everything in my book is quite “normal,” from my perspective. I believe that the reality we experience is a fragment of our actual reality. Just because many people are unfamiliar with it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In fact, I often wonder which is more real – this transitory human life we have created or the infinite life of our soul? I’m voting for the soul.
As far as research for the Adventures of a Lightworker series, I write what I know. Whether the character of Faith is talking to angels or receiving messages in dreams or giving herself a “psychic” shield, I have done it all. Part of the reason I am writing this series is because too often these activities are sensationalized, and I want to portray them in a realistic way. I want to show people that they, too, have access to these skills, and I want to provide examples to help them know what to expect and to know what some of the possibilities are.
As far as how I’ve experienced this – I explore. I have always recognized my natural abilities and been curious about them. I’ve read books, tried meditations, attended a broad range of events, searched online, taken classes, talked with friends – anything I can think of to learn and try. It’s fun - I feel like I’m on an uncharted adventure!

Q: What was your inspiration to write the Adventures of a Lightworker series? Are you yourself an empath?

CS: Yes, I am an empath. I’ve always been highly sensitive to energies, and it is one of my strongest and most natural abilities. I was finely sensing and helping others through the use of energy before I even realized what I was doing.

It does present its share of problems, though. I have to remember to shield myself in potentially negative situations or environments – and that is a learning curve I’m still traveling.

Bonus answer: Visualize yourself sending love to everyone who crosses your path one day, swirls of love that spin faster and faster, and notice how amazing you feel at the end of the day! As we are all one, what you send out comes back to you!

Q: I've heard some say that you can re-align chakras, and others have told me that your chakras are never really out of alignment, that we just don't always acknowledge them, therefore they may appear to be mis-aligned. Which of these schools of thought do you belong to?

CS: I’ve never heard it phrased that way so I simply will give you my perspective. I believe we are inherently aligned with God, but I believe we create the illusion of being out of alignment through our thoughts and actions so, therefore, that “reality” is what we often choose to work on. One method is to fix perceived imbalances or darkness/cloudiness in our chakras; another way is to focus on their perfection. Generally speaking, I believe in focusing on the positive, as where we put our energy grows, but sometimes it can be helpful to actually work on the perceived “problem.” It will depend on the person and stage of growth. We have to trust that we will experience it in the way that is the best for us.

Q: Is everyone born with these abilities? If we don’t use them, do we lose them?

CS Yes, I believe everyone has these abilities! And we don’t ever lose them; they are always there if we put our attention on them. I liken it to any other talent. Some people are born with a talent for playing piano or baseball; some people have a natural talent for using their spiritual gifts. But – with enough practice, anyone can become good at piano or baseball or seeing auras or communicating with their angels or …

I also want to point out that I approach all of this from a spiritual standpoint, as opposed to a more earthy view. For example, some people like tarot cards; I like angel cards. Some people go to spirits for advice; I’d rather go to an angel or God. Generally speaking, my philosophy is - why communicate with a soul, whose perspective would be so similar to mine, when I can go higher up? To take God out of it would be removing, well, everything!

Thank you Caroline, that was very interesting. I've always been interested in people's spirituality and how their beliefs play into their lives. I really can not wait to get my hands on this one!!!

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jus.me.Ashley. said...

Wait so you do like ouiji (Spelled it wrong) board stuff? Or? I know, its a day over questions, but you cant ever have to many. I also like to know a little about authors about books. I also couldnt come yesterday :(
So i hope you can still answer some questions :s :)
(& if you want an email to talk or something please say so!)

Candidly Caroline said...

I strongly recommend against using a ouija board. Any spirit can come in using one of those, and while that may sound exciting in a way, it can also be potentially dangerous. It's best to surround yourself with white light and ask for answers from your angels or spirit guides. (We all have both.) I like to invite those "of the highest and greatest good." That way I know I've got the real deal. ;)