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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mini Read-a-Thon and a little rant

I've decided that since I have so many books sitting here waiting to be read that I would do a mini read-a-thon today... I've got a few things to do around the house before I disappear into a book, so I'm gonna start at 3 EST... I'll post hourly updates (or try to).

There is something that has been bothering me all day. I posted a review the other day and sent the link to the author to let them know I had posted it. Well the review wasn't a shining review, but I didn't slam the book or anything. So I email the author and got a response that my raiting on B&N didn't seem to fit the review. I thought about it and decided I would change it to add another star, which I did (it shows up on my B&N). Today I got an email that the author removed my review from myspace and that my raiting change wasn't done. Then proceded to tell me I blew the end of the story by posting a spoiler, and basically that I wrote an unprofessional review. I don't really feel that I blew the end of the story and that what I posted wasn't the point of the story and therefore not a spoiler. So I'm a little peeved about it all. I've been emailing all of my reviews to the author/publisher when I have contact information from them. This is the first time anyone has complained about a review I did. I guess I shouldn't be upset about it. As a reviewer I understand that not everyone is going to be happy with my review, just as an author understands that not everyone is going to like their writing.

So I'd like to know how the rest of you in the bloggosphere handle situations like this? Do you just blow it off, or do you try to rectify the situation? Does something like this upset you, or do you not even think twice about it?


Cathy said...

Jennifer, I have never sent a review to an author or publisher. I am fairly new to the reviewing/blogging arena. I have seen a discussion about this on LibraryThing. If you are a member, you should check it out.

In my opinion, an honest review is the best review.

Jess said...

I only send the review to the author or publicist if I received a free copy in exchange for a review. I am sorry that the author wasn't happy, but you gave an honest review that is the important thing.